Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cory Monteith's Bachelor Pad.

Best line: "I grew up in a disadvantaged, cold place called Canada." then later, "we all have polar bears for cats."

First of all, Cory Monteith is way too tall to be wearing those shorts. They're boardering on the capri territory. It's awk, but I love him despite it.

Second of all, love how this is just SUCH a bachelor pad. I mean, look at the couches, the Rat Pack stuff and they have two living rooms. It's like they looked up bachelor pad in the dictionary. Such a random, ordinary place for a camera crew to go to. I bet it's easy to find. Sorry, excuse that little bit of crazy.

Also, I think he was trying to pull off a little Paula Deen action with that, "You want some chicken?" but there was just NO dedication. It's "Y'all want some chicken?" Very important difference.

I really want to hang out at his house. Looks like fun, and they give you chicken.

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