Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why is SJP Famous?

My family and I watched "The Family Stone" over Thanksgiving break. This is the conclusion we came to, and I must say, we disagree on A LOT (they're Republicans, enough said) but one conclusion we could come to is that Sarah Jessica Parker is ugly.

I know, it's mean, but there is something about her face that is Nothing about her draws me in or makes me want to keep watching a movie. I watched "The Family Stone" for Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton. I wanted to punch her off the screen every second she was on it. It infuriates me that it could have been such a better movie if someone else had been cast. She sucks the like-ability out of that movie.

I know there will be tons of "Sex in the City" fans who will totally disagree with me but...egh. Can't change my mind. Plus, she named on of her daughters Tabitha. Does she really have to make the witch jokes SO damn easy?
Photo courtesy of JJ.

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