Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is There Nothing We Could Do?

Badly Drawn Boy has completed their soundtrack to the British TV comedy/drama film, "The Fattest Man in Britain".

Starring Timothy Spall and Bobby Ball, the film is "inspired by real events" and follows a man aiming for the fattest man in Britain title and the sleazy agent who is helping him cash in. The film is set to air in the UK on 1TV1 on Dec. 20.

Here's the track listing:
1. Opening Theme
2. Is There Nothing We Could Do?
3. A Gentle Touch
4. All The Trimmings
5. Welcome Me To Your World
6. Guitar Medley
7. Is There Nothing We Could Do? (Reprise)
8. Big Brian Arrives
9. Amy In The Garden
10. Been There, Verified
11. Just Look At Us Now
12. Wider Than A Smile
13. Piano Theme
14. The Letter
15. I’ll Carry On

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