Friday, December 4, 2009

Jordan Talks about Sidney.

ESPN, we appreciate your interest in hockey, but if you have Jordan Staal on the phone, don't spend two minutes talking to him about Sidney Crosby, and the other two minutes asking him questions out of hockey for dummies. Hmm. Maybe the mean finals Courtney is starting to come out. Well, at least they're trying. Check out the interview below and decide for yourselves.

And FYI, that's a mouth guard in Jordan's mouth. He's not missing teeth or anything. Haha yet- the season is still young my friends!

That being said, the Pens defeated the Colorado Avalanche last night 1-4, with goals by Sidney Crosby, Bill Guerin, and two empty net goals by Jordan Staal and another by Sidney Crosby. An assist on the Guerin goal gave Sid 11 points in three games with his hat trick against the New York Rangers a week ago. Now this is the point where I do what I hated on ESPN for doing- sorry Jordan dearest, switching over to Sid now.

 Over the summer Sid switched to a one-piece composite stick, which the article I read assures me is a sign of his decision to shoot more, and about this change of attitude, he said:
"I feel like I think 'pass' first most times. So if I can think 'shoot' a little bit more, hopefully, that will open both and keep guys guessing," Crosby said. "I'll, hopefully, be a threat either way."
You gotta love the guy for wanting to share, right?

Plus he isn't suspended and out almost a hundred grand like that dope Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitols). I'm glad mercilessly injuring people is the only way Ovechkin knows how to win- it makes it easier for him to be the bad guy.

Photos courtesy of Pitt Post Gazette.

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