Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Staying Politically Correct

I found this video funny. We love Johnny Depp, but these kids are scary... to say the least. Like, I might have nightmares about that. For real. One of the kids even looks like Hitler! Depp handles himself very well, because I would have either wet myself or I'd be scared to death. These are kids Japanese- greeting him on Public Enemies. I bet I'd be a super star in Japan. Tall and black, I could probably pass for Michelle Obama. It's been scientifically proven that we have trouble distinguishing people of a different race (from ourselves) apart.

He's totally lying when he calls them cute and sweet. They look demented an murderous.

Ok, I was totally like, 'what is she talking about? They're so cute!' Then the music started. NIGHTMARES. I will be having nightmares tonight. I need to watch "The Goonies" again so I don't run screaming from the next Asian kid I see on the street.

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