Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Years Later, Nothing's Changed

On January 17, Lindsay Lohan was back in court. This was a hearing regarding her probation. If you don't live under a rock, you know that she is required to work in a morgue, attend therapy and, basically, stay out of trouble. BUT, I think sobriety and bra-wearing should have been added to the conditions.

Good God, Lemon Lohan.

Put on a bra.

As much as I hate sounding like a grandma, this situation is out of hand. How many times can you come to court thinking it's okay to look like a Jacksonville hooker? Yeah, not just any hooker, but a hooker from the dirty nine oh four. The ones that hang out on Phillips Highway and just look like an STD.

Besides looking worse than a townie and Paris Hilton's love child, Lohan has reported moved out of her Venice Beach condo (located next door to ex Sam Ronson) and is staying at the Chateau Marmont. This isn't her first stint there, she was a residence as the mature age of 17 when she moved to L.A. sans Dina and Michael Lohan.


Even smarter, getting schwasty-faced there this weekend. Lindsay was seen frequenting the men's restroom with a male friend throughout the night. And despite only drinking water at the bar, she was beyond hammered and needed help walking at one point.

Honestly, Lohan isn't even fun to write about anymore. She needs to Britney; go bat-shit cray cray in public, go to rehab, have her lawyer take over your soul and rebuild. Ya'll Britney got a fiancee out of it! It could work for Linds...

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