Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Men, You Seriously Want This?

At approximately 11:30 this morning a group of my friends were split over the apparent love that men have for Zooey Deschanel. All of the fuss was created over this photo.

In case you're confused as to why this would be unsettling for people, take a good hard look at her bag. Because guess what folks, it's a leather bag... in the shape of a bunny. A BUNNY!

Do I even need to explain to you why this is upsetting?

The point that was generally being argued was that even after Zooey D has exhibited time after time that she enjoys acting and dressing like a 12 year old girl, men are still enamored with her. This is throughly confusing to me and to those women who were present this morning

Instead of acting like a grown women who plays a manic-pixie-dream-girl on a television show, she has become the epitome of hipster in her everyday life.

I can say, she is indeed gorgeous...

But why does she have to act like a small child to create a career? Or to attract men? Neither of these things is acceptable to me. I need more, and I think it's fair of all of us to expect more from a 32 year old woman than a leather bunny bag!

Photo's Courtesy of Huffington Post

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