Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where is Miley Going?

Lets play a fun game.

It's called, where is Miley Cyrus going?

Lets observe the outfit. She's wearing stockings with you know, the holder things, that- and pardon the faux pas if I am wrong on this- you are not supposed to see. Nonetheless, there they are.

Don't hate me, I actually enjoy her boots. I've very proudly identified them as the Frye Harness boot which I have been lusting after for months (years?) so basically, I can't hate them, no matter whose skanky feet are in them.

And I don't hate this outfit so much, compared to what she usually has on. I mean, hey, if you want to look like you're avoiding the draft, this is IT.

So lets guess- she is going to: A concert. Coffee run. Underground cool people meeting. In a true Breaking Bad move, there's actually illegal drugs in that cup.

Nope. She was...

Stars- they're just like US!

Oh Miley. Your need for constant attention never gets old.

Photo courtesy of JJ.

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