Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friends Again.

Aww Chelsea, you shouldn't have!

I used to love Chelsea, back when she had a show literally called "The Chelsea Handler Show" that quickly got cancelled- I think it was skits, or something? Then she got "Chelsea Lately" and I loved it. Total girl crush.

Then as usually happens with girl crushes, we had a falling out. I started finding her annoying, all the usual girl stuff.

NOW I LOVE HER. All over again. We're totally second honeymooning. I love her "After Lately" show, I love the way she makes fun of celebrities (Hilary Duff, poor thing, the hardest. Which just makes Hilly try harder) and they love her for it. I mean, I go to an all girls school, that shit is my bread and butter. She's my Obi Wan.

Anyways, she's on the cover of Redbook, heavily photoshopped, but love her quotes from the mag:

On sharing the spotlight: “I read this cheesy quote once: ‘Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make your glow brighter.’ We women have to stick together. People ask me why I’m so hard on men. It’s because they’ve gotten a really easy ride. And it’s not that I think women should take over the world. But I do think it should be 50/50. I’m very much about letting other people shine, because it makes us all shine brighter. I like having a fraternity. I like girls and boys together, misfits and underdogs – I love underdogs.” 
On her BFFs: “I mean, Jennifer Aniston one of the most down to earth, low-key people I know. She’s just a regular girl. And Reese is the same way. I mean, you can’t have friendships that aren’t based on realness. I’m not going to treat them any differently than I would any other of my friends. I mean, Jen and Justin came to my house for Thanksgiving with 18 of my staff members. And so what?
Also, I'm just going to say it. That "Are You There, Chelsea?" show is NOT BAD. I was shocked too. I actually legit watch it. It's cheesy and obvious, but I like it. Plus that hot guy from Greek who played Evan is on it. Jack McDormand or something? Check it out.

Photo courtesy of JJ.

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