Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There is a Sloth Here [UPDATED]

UPDATE: I don't actually hate people, mom.

I know you've all seen the video by now. Kristen Bell's fiance Dax Shephard surprises her with a sloth for her birthday... You guys know me, I'm cynical. But, this, this I couldn't resist loving.

Reason 1: She looks great. I'm obsessed with nail polish and have now made it my personal mission to find/replicate that colour. Also, was I the only person surprised when she said 31?

Reason 2: Ugly cry. Do you think that Katherine Heigl and her baby would let us see her like that? No, no way. Not going to happen.

Reason 3: It reminded me of this youtube gem:

Guys, I know she sent the video in so clearly she was okay being shown looking a little crazy. I just can't imagine in what world a sloth, the Ellen show, Kristen Bell and a near emotional breakdown aren't endearing.

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