Monday, February 6, 2012

The Oldest Cheerleader Ever

Did you guys watch the Super Bowl last night? I actually watched the entire time with the intent of having it on as background noise for my homework. After the the first quarter, I gave up on those plans and watched for realsies.

I'd also planned on getting dinner during the halftime show. Seeing as how Madonna and her glove covered old lady hands make me sad, I don't like Nicki Minaj and didn't know who else would appear, it made sense. But, one text led to a tweet which ended with me sitting there when the performance began. Looking back, I should have gotten food instead.

Got to say: she does look happy up there.
I'll admit now, I don't care for the new Madonna. I'm completely biased about this performance, but I'll try my best to limit myself. To do this, I'm going to use the sandwich technique.

I liked when she sang her classic songs. Madonna, you are 53 and way to old to be performing with pom poms and singing a song too young for Selena Gomez, "Give Me All Your Luvin'". I loved her boots.

Best part: Sleeves.
LMFAO seem strong. Why were the guys from LMFAO lifting her up? First, he has her on his shoulder. Then, they do that one legged thing. Were we supposed to be impressed? Those and the drop it love moves just make me think her knew are going to hurt. I...liked...the drum line?

There is no way to look good doing this.
Oh! The lighting was great!!! M.I.A. is a so lame! She'll prance around a stage with gold poms, but flick the camera off to show how badass she is. Whoa, you're real cool now! Isn't that what Avril Lavigne used to do? I was happy when it ended.

Am I just a super negative Nancy or was it really awful? What did ya'll think?

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