Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crisis Averted.

He's so adorable!!! Too bad he's a baby still.

Whew. Ain't that the truth. Bieber 2.0 crisis is over. He is not. He's more talented than Bieber, sure. But just a youngster. Bieber has some sort of strange thing going with the hair and the eyes...and the hair...

I digress. Point is, Greyson does not have these, and thank God. But he is super talented (although I could definitely see the potential for snotty little kid, non? We'll see if that sweet act is real) and I am for sure going to keep up with him.

He'll be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight!

It's cute that his hair wants to be like Biebers. Courtney always sees the potential for a snotty kid. As a former snotty kid, it's all about how you work it. And, let me tell you- I still work it.

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