Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pop Fly.

Justin Bieber threw the first pitch at the White Sox-Royals game on Monday night, which was...unimpressive. First of all his pants can't stay up, and his pitch sucked. I think Victoria Beckham did better. Look how far away from Mark Buerhle it goes!
This proves that that little kid has all the luck- he threw the first pitch, and then caught a foul ball that bounced into his SUITE. How many times have people NOT thrown the first pitch at a baseball game and then NOT caught a foul ball? Millions.

So Bieber is one in a million...and was obviously born under a lucky, shiny haired star.
"Today was epic...I love Chicago. Went to the White Sox game and got to throw out the first pitch...but the cool part was I caught a foul ball. NO LIE. gave it to a fan. Had a lot of fun. OPRAH TOMORROW!!"
In the third inning, Sox first baseman Paul Konerko fouled a ball off into Bieber's suite, and the singer was able to corral on the bounce. Then he cheerily gave it to a fan and went merrily on his way in a charmed life.

This is after he just became the youngest male solo artist to top the Billboard charts since Stevie Wonder.

This luck is kind of disgusting. It's putting me off Bieber a little.


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