Monday, May 17, 2010

NBC's New Show Trailers.

Love love love that Dick from "Veronica Mars" is in this. He is so secretly talented. And he's not playing a complete idiot this time so...good.

Now this one, "School Pride" had me sniffling. I admit, I am such a sucker for these shows. This one looks WAAAYYY better than "Extreme Home Make Over". Because Ty Pennington gets on my nerves. They still do wonderful work though, of course.

This one, "Love Bites"...well, bites. Sorry. I am happy to see Amanda from "Ugly Betty" getting work though. She's so funny.

This one, "Chase", looks good, but I'm really sick of kick ass butch blondes with accents. I've never met one, and I don't think I ever will. Also why is the murderer is hot? Like, model hot. Because that's always the case, right? Shootings by day, cat walk by night.
"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" happened like five years ago. Get over it.

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