Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Jersey Dialogue, Part 1.

Theo and I love love love watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" together, and we did it practically every episode last season. This year however, we haven't been able to, so we have very loud facebook rants. Decide to share for those of you who also love/hate the housewives.

Once we got past the fact that Theo told me that it wasn't on on Mondays, and it took me 15 minutes into the show to figure out that it was on. I'm getting past it. And obviously I have some sort of Albie obsession-- I'm trying to work on that too.

Read our convo after the jump. 

Courtney-->Theo: she's too fat to be a model. and you're damn lucky I figured it out.

Courtney: and danielle is too ugly to be a model.

Courtney: I LOVE ALBIE!!!

Theo: i'm not there yet. shut up.

       Courtney: and it's an interview with her. she obviously got it because of  the    show.
(Intro of my friend Bri, a New Jersey native)
Briana: ugh. this is a joke. but i will give it to her she is pretty---there might not be much up in her brain haha and i cant handle danielle she is OVERBEARING. she wants to be her daughter. oh sorry im creeping on you guys it popped up in my newsfeed haha

Courtney: so true!!! i'm glad you're here bri- you can give us all the juicy jersey insider info...and I still love Albie.

Courtney: ok yeah she's pretty, but she's also like 15! so why are there pics of her biting her thumb wearing practically just underwear? danielle is a great mom who is NOT trying to live her aspiring model-turned-stripper dreams through her daughter (she typed sarcastically)...

Briana: why is my state becoming a place for wanna-be models to grow up??? my state gets NO breaks hahah

Courtney: ahahaha they all heard you were living there, and wanted to see if they could be as awesome as you.

Theo: hahaha took me forever to catch up to what yall were saying because i was enjoying tivo :) but, i love that those kids look nothing like danielle-which makes them prettier.

anyone else over ashley? if she wants to move away go to college. problem solved.

also, my mom just mentioned that danielle needs to consult her kids before she makes any type of decision.

Courtney: SO TRUE. all of it. I never liked ashley. she's stupid and still got the car I want.

...is it just me or is albie getting hotter?

Briana: haha at least you are obsessing over someone who is older than you. and ashley is making me angry haha. i cant handle all this "jersey-ness".

Courtney: i love that new...noun? w/e it is, i'm going to use it. 
Theo: why would you have a lunch in celebration of your daughter... and not invite her? it's like not being invited to yearbook presents... so weird
Courtney: I KNOW!!! it makes absolutely NO sense!
(Intro of our friend and most loyal reader, Abby)
Abby: haha... i was thinking the same thing. and yes i'm totally creeping on you.
Courtney: don't worry abs, we're used to it. we're just so darn interesting!
 ...And c'est fin!

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