Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Betty to Host SNL.

Betty White is AWESOME. A goddess. My Lord, she is my answer to that stupid question "If you could have lunch/dinner with anyone, living or dead..." you know the rest. The answer, always: BETTY FREAKING WHITE.

Now my ultimate dream has come true- Betty is doing Saturday Night Live. She confirmed to People magazine at the 18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Viewing Party.

Lorne Michaels has denied rumors that she will be hosting a women of comedy night with SNL, but that's just as well- Betty doesn't need other gals cramping her style. Many years of "Golden Girls" have taught us that. She's a solo act these days, and look what it's done for her?

SO excited. So so so so so.
Photo courtesy of popeater.

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