Tuesday, March 9, 2010

International Woman's Day.

I had literally NEVER heard of this until yesterday. Apparently it's a lot bigger in Italy  and Europe than the U.S. Unless you're Michelle Obama. Looking totally lovely, she made a speech yesterday in honor of Woman's Day, and said,

“I get to speak first while he stands and watches. I love this,” she said to laughter. “Look at me adoringly,” she told her husband.

In Italy, they sell special flowers on the street that are yellow and look like an allergy ridden person's worst nightmare, but it's a very sweet thought. Although the general sentiment among women is that it is political, thereby not sincere. Perhaps a bit like saying that Valentine's Day etc. are creations of greeting card companies.

I can see the point, since Italy has the lowest amount of women in Parliament in all of Europe. Nice.
Photo courtesy of JJ. 

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