Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Save the Extra Letters

So, I'm watching 16 and Pregnant! I love this show. I'm 7.43 seconds in and I've already heard a line I'm never going to forget. Samantha's sitting around with her friend. They're talking about what they did when she told them about her pregnancy. One girl said she bawled her eyes out because of all the things they'd planned to do during their senior year. Then, the worst line ever in the history of television was uttered by some girl that she just go die.

"You can't really prevent pregnancy."
I'm sorry. I cannot get over that. Has she never seen this show? Forget the show, has she never heard of birth control or condoms?! I was glad when the pregnant girl correctted that wasted of space ignorant hoe. 

Samantha and Eric have already decided to name their daughter - Jordan. Actually, they'll be spelling like this Jordynn. Yup, with the y and double n. Seriously, you're just asking for a lower test scores. Part of the reason my mom gave me my name was because she read an article about sexism and racial profiling in school based on names. I bet Jordan and Jordynn are three points apart - probably more in an English class. We'll see how it goes. The couple seems happy - at least they're still together... for now. Sorry, I really just had to add that for people that watch the show.

Oh, apparently the mom Samantha's mom is pregnant. This seems to happen way too often.

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