Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outside Looking In on Anderson.

Anderson Cooper...how many times does he have to prove that he's the coolest person EVER? The cover of Outside magazine...how rugged of him.

I love it when we have things in common- it makes me feel more...right. If Anderson says it, it's true. I'm against people who jump out of airplanes too. Sorry Abs. Taking senseless risks is such a weird impulse to me. Anderson's right- why not take that and go someplace where there's real life or death situations going on?

Then again, I am a coward, so I really have no place to say anything except COURTNEY CALLED IT, ULTIMATE EDITION. Anderson, wearing a jean shirt on the cover of this magazine. Anderson knows what's going on in fashion. If he's wearing it, it's a trend. He can do no wrong.

On overcoming fear: “I don’t believe you should be ruled by fear in anything in life. I don’t like anything that scares me, I prefer to face it head-on and get over it. Anyone who says they’re not scared is a fool or a liar or both. I just don’t want that fear in my stomach to be a part of my life, so I work to eliminate it.”

On skydiving being senseless: “I have no interest in jumping out of an airplane, or any of the things people do for thrills to push the limit and all that. To me, that seems foolish. There’s no point. If people are suffering in a place, to me, it’s not a question of whether I’m going to go or not. It’s a question of how fast can I get there.”

On springing into action while in Haiti: “You suddenly find yourself in a situation where, you say … what do you do? There are some journalism purists who say that you do nothing, that you just watch and report, and I certainly understand that. But in the case of a little boy who got hit in the head with a cement block, no one was helping him. He couldn’t get up. ...Blood was pouring from his head. It was a split second decision to take him out of the situation.”

Le sigh.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

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