Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Community Twitter.

So, I now have a me/popYEAH! twitter. I always SWORE it would never happen, but I've got this little baby blog to think about, ya know? Some things are more important than your ideals and morals.

One of our mission statements is, and I quote, "To spread popYEAH! to the a non- disease kind of way." I am simply living up to that mission.

I do however, swear I won't pull a Perez and be super annoying about it. Follow HERE. Do or do not- your choice, I won't beat you into submission by putting it at the end of every post. 

Anyways, the upside is that now I can follow celebs, and I learned this info from Joel McHale's  twitter. "Community" has been picked up for another season! I mean, we all knew it would probably happen as one of the best comedies of the season, but it's still exciting as my first twitter discovery.
He posted this five hours ago, which is...I don't know when in California. Too much math for me.
We're out celebrating the pick up. We all are remarkably sober. it's still early
Ok, I am going to say it was...midnight-ish when that was posted. Don't hold me to it.

OMG- new realization. I can follow Miley Cyrus and get my daily dose of the ultimate twitter twat every day. It's the little things, really...
Photo courtesy of twitter.

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