Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Just Not Fair

Seriously, this is the ugliest child I have ever seen. Like, I'm sitting in the library with physical reaction to this child. I want to throw up. Her name's Sadie Madison and clearly she's Adam Sandler's daugther. I just want to add that Sadie is the name of Courtney's dog, I can see the resemblance. Wikipedia (I know, shut up) says that Sadie is almost four... and that she has a younger sister. GOD HELP US ALL!

Here's Tina Fey with her daughter, Alice (simple, yet cute name) Richmond, a few weeks ago at a charity event in NYC. They're about a year apart and yet Alice is so much cuter. Poor, Sadie Baby - yes, that's what I call the dog too. She's going to have a tough life.

Sandler's Photos Source
Fey's Photo Source

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