Thursday, October 1, 2009

America's New Tools.

This is possibly the saddest news I have heard all day. All month. It breaks my poor little heart and really show's America in a bad light.

Poor little dear Emma Watson recently had to flee a Brown-Harvard football game when rival Harvard fans were harassing the actress. A blog on a Harvard magazine’s website apparenly encouraged fans to “stalk” the star and post updates on Twitter during the game. And the experience left Watson “quite shaken”.

So sad. SO sad. Harvard people are douche bags. Sorry, it's true. This incident just might knock Notre Dame down a few notches on the "Biggest Tools" list. Legit, they're high up there, now I declare Harvard #1 tools.

God knows they're not #1 in academics anymore. Or sports. Or...well, they have the biggest university library in America. That's cool.
Photo courtesy of WENN.

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