Friday, October 2, 2009

British Beaus.

Here's a couple I'm envious of. Funnily enough, this is totally a mistake I made. I finished "Mamma Mia" and I was like, oh too bad he's gay, because he is totally adorable.

I was right about the last part apparently, and I wasn't the only one wrong about the first. Current girlfriend to Dominic Cooper, Amanda Seyfried, made the same mistake.

"It so wasn’t instant love. I thought he was gay. I didn’t know many Englishmen and it was just the way he dressed -- he is quite fashionable. Dominic and I split off towards the end of filming a little bit, but it was never anything that was real. It takes time. Life is complicated."

She also keeps an opinion that I know for a fact a lot of our readers do: British men are way sexy, and the accent is only the beginning.

“I am going to say something very cliched, but the accent is sexier in Britain. And British men dress so well and have really good manners. Charm is another thing they have -- they’re good at putting you at ease. You feel like an equal, or at least comfortable. Dominic is very charming. That makes it easy for someone to want to be around him.”

Love me some British men.
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

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  1. he's super sexy in history boys... watch it. i loved it so so much.