Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flipping for Golden.

Golden Tate is my hero. Love him, so much. I can't decide if I want to be his friend or his girlfriend. What a cutie.

Notre Dame vs. Washington. I almost died tonight, but it was worth it. Soaked from the rain and 50 degree weather. Felt like it was the middle of January. Then we go into overtime. I am practically in a coma from the cold. Cheering helps.

Golden does a freaking 360 flip in the air for us. It felt like it was for us. I was so cold that ending the game as soon as possible was the only thing I was thinking about, so him trying so hard felt personal.

37-30 win in overtime. So epic.

I want to be his girlfriend, then (after we both graduate) his wife. Theo Monet Tate. It's perfection! He's a hot cutie- can't do better than that. I'd change my last name for him.


Then you would still have two first names. Theo Marshall. Theo Tate. TT. Omg. That JUST came to me. If you marry Golden could I call you TT? Please.

For Golden, yes. 

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