Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jimmy and Drew Set a Record.

There are some pairings that warm your heart. You know it's not romantic, just really epic friendships. I feel like Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are like this. Say what you will, but I liked "Fever Pitch". It was cute. Jimmy had a pretty significant role in "Whip It!" and they just have that comfortable/adorable thing going on. Love them. Individually, I like them, but together it's love. Only as friends though. If they were romantic it would be ruined. Plus Jimmy is married to her best friend (and business partner in Flower Films).

Saw "Whip It!" on Friday. Funny movie. Go see it with your girlfriends (and guyfriends, trust, there is stuff for them as well) when you're bored. It's that movie. Really funny.

Surprise: Maeby Funke is in it! Loves it. She was kind of small town trampy, but we're chillin on it. I'll post my review for the paper sometime tomorrow for those of you who want to go in depth.

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