Friday, October 2, 2009

Taylor a Crosby Skank?

Currently Molly and I are nestled in front of her computer watching the season opener game of the Pittsburgh Penguins against the NY Rangers. For those of you who actually care, it's five minutes into the second quarter, tied 1-1, Marc-Andrè just made a bitchin' save. Oh yes.

Just saw these pictures of Taylor Swift on the Pens website. So jealous of this girl. I posted this earlier, but seriously, Why a short skirt and boots? Kind of a Crosby skank outfit. A Crosby skank are the girls who stalk Sidney Crosby and show up to the games in oddly skimpy outfits for games that take place in a hockey area.

I've never seen them, but Molly tells me stories. Poor choice by Taylor.

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