Saturday, October 3, 2009

When Will She Learn

Oh, Mariah Carey. Such a lovely voice, truly amazing. But, she's not a stick, which I really appreciate. It's nice to see a curvy woman topping the pop charts. I used to love Mariah- like hours of my life were dedicated to putting on "performances" to her music.

But, Mariah has body issue. And, the closer she gets to forty (five months left), more outlandish things she does. Last year, it was the fake six pack.

This week on The Today Show, she insisted on being lifted up. Like, the kind of lifts that Beyonce, Britney and Madonna do. You know... performers that dance. Poor Mimi is just a singer wanting to be an actress, dancing isn't her thing.

Clearly, that guy on the left is having a tough time. He's supporting all of her weight on one shoulder. I'm sure she's not more that 175lbs, but one shoulder- ouch. The entire thing looks so unnatural, like she decided to do it right before they hit the stage. Nick Cannon weights like 100 pounds. He totally could not do this.


Photo Source of Abs, Lift

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