Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get it straight.

Perez reported earlier today that athletic powerhouse Nike has renewed its endorsement with Michael Vick after almost two years in prison. Nike has since denied the rumors, saying  it "does not have a contractual relationship with [Vick]. We have agreed to supply product to Michael Vick as we do a number of athletes who are not under contract with Nike."

Vick as all of you should know was convicted on the felony of aiding in unlawful animal abuse. He tortured dogs for amusement - that's basically the bottom line. I'm not okay with what he did, by any means. NOT OKAY.

The reason I mention this: Courters and I have been discussing how wrong most of Perez's "sources" end up being. He bitches and complains about how Nike now " doesn't want a positive role model wearing their shiz". God, I hate him. Like, I want to scream get your crap straight. 
-TM, suck it perez

Hate Perez. Did you guys see this? It's a letter to himself as a teenager, and I quote, "Dear teenage're coasting through school because you're lazy. You'll watch TV all night and wait until two or three in the morning to start studying, and yet you'll still get an A because you're smart."

Barf. That smart enough for you MARIO? Use your real name dude.


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