Saturday, November 28, 2009

When Three Become One.

Jerks always run in packs. It's how they justify their behavior. I'm sure conversations always have, "At least, I didn't do..." Well, that still doesn't make what you did better.

But, Swizz Beatz (cheater with Alicia Keys), Lil' Wayne (pro baby-daddy to Z list stars) and Chris Brown (no explanation needed) teamed up to created a crappy song. I Can Transform Ya. That's the title. It doesn't eve sound good. The video, instead of being a saving grace, is a bunch of old trends.
  1. Transformers was a summer movie. 
  2. Dancing with a person on either side is Beyonce's move this season.
  3. Lil' Wayne still can't play the guitar. 
Personally, I stopped after two minutes. The douchyness felt too palpable. 
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