Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is that you, Little J?

Um, what the heck. Is Gossip Girl still channeling the 80's? These pictures are terrible. Ratings are down?! I'm shocked. I think Gossip Girl's creators need to get a grip and start making these kids look like 19 and 20 year olds.

Court, Clarie and I chatted throughout the episode, i'll try to put some highlights together.

For the most part, we all agreed that people need to clue into Georgina, Blair was not dressed to impress, Serena's dad line is tired and we would all jump Sebastian Stan's bones.

Remember, when? Two long seasons ago.

Ok here is what I have to say: I HATE Georgina. Mostly Michelle Trachtenburg. Or however you spell her awful name. She looks like a mouse. Also, in this picture, Little J disappears. Her hair matches her skin, which matches her dress, which matches the drapes. Totally transparent. Also, Serena looks totally pregnant.

And unlike the picture below, I have the creepy feeling they weren't together when they took it. Don't they look photoshopped in?

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