Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sucker for a Man in a Suit.

Media day for the NBA - some light practice for the photogs and some of the new members give interview. "I'm so excited to be here." "We're really going to turn it around this year." "We've got awesome fans, can't wait to start the season."

My favorite part? Men in suits. I love it. It's also why I watch the Drafts. Men in suits - a weakness. And, as Court mentioned, we went to private school - so I don't mean that white oxford and messy tie. Gross. I mean grown men in tailored suits. Um. Just look.

YUM. Love my hockey men in suits. Can't help it. When ND's hockey team was really good we had to wait for hours in the entrance to the rink so we could score great seats, and we were there so early that the players had to walk over us to get in. So funny. But they were wearing suits and I almost died. Good thing I was already sitting on the floor because I almost passed out. 
Photo Source - NHL, Shaq, LeBron

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