Monday, September 21, 2009

Love Disco Dan.

Really random, but so adorable. I love love love love love Dan Bylsma. Did you know that when he played hockey they called him Disco Dan because of how much he loved to dance? Look how cute he is.

Then Max growling at the camera. Love me some Maxime. The Pens aren't faring well in the preseason though- they've lost two games in a row now. They lost to Montreal tonight 4-3. Boo. Oh well, Montreal was probably playing their best guys. No biggie.
This is as large as I could get this picture, but trust, it is amazing. It's Jordan Staal, Chris Kunitz and Jay McKee helping out at Phonathon for the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital.

Jordan's shirt has a tricycle on it and says, "Chicks dig my ride". So hella hot. Love him. Love him. Arg. I have to go study for religion now...and yes, the irony in that kills me.

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