Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brotha from another Motha

Last Friday, I was reminded of why I love Jay-Z and Chris Martin (of Coldplay). Really, remember my rant about Jay a few weeks ago? I love Chris; I wouldn't fight it. But, nothing compares to my love for Jay-Z. Nothing.

I love unlikely friendships. It's just so sweet. As is this video, love that Chris calls Jay by his full name.

And, they're great friends. Sexy. So sexy. Why do they have to be married to amazing, gorgeous women? I think Beyonce and Gwyneth would scoff at the thought of either of their spouses cheating?. In my eyes, they are the epitome of power couples. Becks and Posh/Tom and Kate(ie) are probably constantly vying to make it a power triangle. Madonna is probably seething.


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