Thursday, September 17, 2009

Adorably Amanda.

Amanda Seyfried looking gorgeous in Marc Jacobs at the Jennifer's Body Hot Topic event. I have to review a movie for Monday's Observer, and it was between this and The Informant! with Matt Damon. I'm seriously thinking . First of all, I love and trust Amanda's movies. Second of all, I want to see it, and yet I don't want to pay for it. Writing an article about it equals problem solved. This is why I end up writing like, three articles a week. Le sigh, poverty.
Also, we both have anxiety attacks. That's weird. But cool.
“I suffer from anxiety attacks a lot,” she explained to Allure. “Like, the other day, I had an attack in the middle of a relaxing massage: My head was just spinning, and I felt nauseous! I was saying to myself, just don’t make a scene! Finish this massage, or you’re going to be really annoyed with yourself.”
Photo courtesy of Just Jared.

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