Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ambivalent Interest.

My roommate Katie, who is from Hermosa Beach, CA once again almost strangled me when I told her about this. I really can't win. But after she jumped on the couch screaming, "What? Are you SERIOUS? NO. no. NO!" her more calm reaction was, "Maybe I'll get to see Khloe now. Lamar has a house down the street from me." Apparently he has a van outside of his house with his face on it. Like, him dunking or whatever called the "Odom-mobile". That's a catch. Anyways, herreaction sums up the place of the Kardashians in our society. Intense fascination quickly followed by ambivalent interest.

I am trying to decided what I think about this. I really do feel bad for Khloe Kardashian, she's kind of a hot mess most of the time. But...seriously, they've been dating for two weeks, getting married on Sunday? Apparently Lamar Odom wants to tie the knot before the Lakers season starts. Um, ok. That's dumb. Let's be honest- it's good publicity for the both of them. Khloe wants to do the damn thing while her lame reality show is still on the air.

More likely she wants the kind of attention Kourtney is getting these days. I give it a year if it's true. Ryan Seacrest played dumb this morning on his radio show, and as a producer of both shows, wouldn't he know?

Hmm. Although, they did say that they were getting married at the house of a family friend...perhaps it's Seacrest so they can film it for the show? We shall see. Love the suspense, at least.
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