Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jim & Pam Forever.

Ok, I desperately tried to embed this video, but EW is mean and wouldn't let me. So you're just going to have to follow the bread crumbs, because at the end, there is the biggest, bitchinest ginger bread candy house.

It's Jim and Pam love. "The Office" is tonight and it is the perfect way to pump up for it. So adorable. SO adorable. I want to kill myself it's so freaking cute.

Is this issue out yet? Because I must have it. The wedding is on Oct. 8th. Are you ready? All their family is back, and apparently, Pam has a sister. Named Penny. Sure.

Pam is only four months along, which means Fischer is facing a series of progressively larger prosthetic bellies.  “When I sit down, it presses in on my bladder, so I actually feel like I have to pee all the time,” she says.  “And it makes my lower back hurt because I sway form wearing it. All that’s missing from a real pregnancy is my ankles swelling.” 

The baby comes conveniently sometime around February birthday is in February, therefore...I am Jim and Pam's baby.

The logic doesn't have to make sense, just go with it. 

I hate Pam. I find her very boring and even more average. SHE DROPPED OUT OF ART SCHOOL. Honestly, boom roasted sum it up best for me. I think she sends the wrong message. "Hey, if art school is too hard, just drop out... You'll have a Jim waiting for you." I don't know when it started or if I'll ever tolerate her, but my passionate hate burns on. And, I'm not a crazy twi-hard, I don't think Jim and I will hook-up. But, I wish Pam weren't so bland. God, that name.

THEO. DON'T YOU DARE. TAKE IT BACK OR ELSE. We will have none of that here.

Photo courtesy of EW.

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