Friday, September 18, 2009

Wrong Corner.

Seriously, what is up with fishnets and young Hollywood? It's not happening. At no point in time will you be able to pull a Mentos and creatively cut off the front of what once was a very lovely, classy dress, pair it with fishnets and call yourself a fashionable diva.

Which leads me to my next point: Who invited her? She does not belong there, and not just because she looks like she started strutting the wrong streetcorner. Watch this video and see how she's grunting up on stage, trying so desperately to have the diva power's not happening. It sounds more like a distressed animal call.

She is no diva. Diva's might be out of their effing minds, but they're smart crazy. She's just...blah dumb. Like, "insert teen star here" is probably what they had down when they were filling in who was going to perform. She's a generational place holder at best- we all have to have one.

Photo courtesy of Splash.

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