Sunday, September 27, 2009

Touchdown Tate.

I totally didn't even think about blogging about this last week, but after yesterday's game against Purdue (24-21 ND), it totally just occured to me.

At last Saturday's home game against Michigan State, Notre Dame wide reciever Golden Tate (love him) scored and took a insanely funny dive into Michigan State's Band.

So funny. Especially because it was Golden. He is so adorable. It was a almost total accident too, which is hysterical because you can totally see it on his face as he's trying to get out of there, he has the oh shiz look on his face.
"I thought the people were going to catch me, but I forgot that was Michigan State's band," Tate said. "And, like, I jumped up and they scattered real quick and there was the ground hitting me hard."

So funny. Seriously, look at the pure fear on their faces. I'm putting up this remix for you to get the full effect. Jump (haha) to :40 for the good stuff.

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