Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear BB,

Court and I went to high school with a girl name Baren Butta (name changed to protect her identity). In our Senior Ad section, we did this little snippet with information that people didn't know about that senior. Baren's was, "People don't know this, but i have extensions in my hair."

We spent a lot of hours on the book. Lots of tears, sweat and smoothies went into it. But, most of all, laughter. Even at one a.m., we were still laughing.

When Baren's quote was read aloud, dead silence spread through the room. Why, you might ask? We all knew her hair was fake. Every girl in our school probably knew. Maybe Baren expected people to say something to her, I don't know. Clearly, she thought that cheap weave was fooling people.

Okay, that rant went a lot longer than intended. My point is hair. The difference between black and white hair. Growing up in predominately white schools and neighborhoods, I've always had to field questions about my hair. "Is that weave?" "Why is it called a relaxer?" "How come you never wear your hair down?"

Good Hair is going to answer those questions. Chris Rock's daughter inspired him to produce a movie that will be educating people everywhere.

Haha oh 1 am: "Ok, Lazy Kitchen does not have a picture."

And remember that time you got braids in your hair? That threw people for a loop. They looked so awesome though. I was jealous. Then my hair started dreading, and it was all good.

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