Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't forget the Y!

Miley Cyrus. So silly, skanky, whorey. That's five Y's right there in that sentence. Too bad Miley couldn't find one when she was tweeting last night.

"Doing homework. Learning about justice. Shoot. Maybe I will be a lawer."

Or, maybe you won't be a lawYer. But, the typo isn't the only problem with this tweet. The entire thing just sounds forced, right? Like, I'm legit squirming in my seat as I type this.

If I had a twitter, my tweet would be, "Writing blog. Hating that Cyrus. Dang. Hopefully this won't take log."

She is too stupid to be a lawYer. And some lawYers aren't even that smart. Boom, roasted.


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