Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday Night Fox.

She didn't suck. Not at all. She was used a lot too- it wasn't one of those Michael Phelps situations where we hardly ever saw him.

Saturday Night Live is starting out pretty good, not above par, but not below. Kristin Wigg is killin', but those new girls...sigh. I am worried.

Most awkward moment ever: New cast member Jenny Slate dropped the f-bomb. It was during an awful skit too, totally not funny, at all. That's tough- your first skit and you cost Lorne Michaels money?

I feel for her. That is...horrible. Worst nightmare horrible. Kristin Wigg kept it together though, she is amazing. Really cute though, Seth Meyers was hugging her at the end of the show. Love him.

Hate U2. Sorry Theo, if you can hate JAM, I can hate U2. They are poseurs.
Photos courtesy of Just Jared

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