Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Mad Men's World...

Love Jon Hamm. I am most disappointed with myself in that I don't religiously watch "Mad Men". I've seen a few episodes, and Megan has explained enough to me, but...le sigh. Keeping up with shows is such hard work. I shall try harder though, I swear. I see gorgeous like this and I am reminded to try harder.

Love that Elisabeth Moss is marrying Fred Armisen. I want to be at that wedding, could you imagine? Wonder how they make the L.A./N.Y. thing work.

Here is the gist of the interview:

Hamm on his longtime girlfriend: “Jen Westfeldt, and I and our dog, Cora, live in Los Feliz, where there are quite a few places we like to go….We’re mostly neighborhood types. There’s also a place in Atwater Village called Palate Food + Wine that’s really good.”
Hamm on his hit AMC show: “It’s like a nice novel you can kind of sit and pay attention to. The [show] is not meant to be on while you’re doing dishes, it’s meant to be enjoyed and savored and focused on, and it rewards that attention… We’re fortunate in a lot of ways that Mad Men is not watched by 15 million people a week, because there would be an expectation to appeal to a much broader section of the demographic, and I think the character would have to make different choices to be appealing to that demographic. We are fortunate in that – on our show- we can stay true to the character and his very difficult choices.”

Moss on her upcoming marriage to SNL’s Fred Armisen: “I think we’ve decided (we’ll get married) this fall. It’s not that far off, and it’s fun planning a wedding – nothing but an amazing experience for us. We agree on everything, so that’s good. It’s going to be a really fun special day, and I can’t wait. We both can’t wait.”

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