Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Save Paste.

At the beginning of the summer, facebook brought me to the world of Paste Magazine. I had heard about it before, seen Paste on the shelves, but I have a subscription to Rolling Stone and never felt the urge to shell out the five bucks to buy Paste. Like most poor people, I read my magazines not in my own home, but in bookstore coffee shops, and grocery store check out lines. Le sigh, magazines are a luxury to which I cannot afford.

But my point. It appears that Paste has been suffering, like most magazines in this economic climate, and they decided to start a "Save Paste" campaign. Turning to the musicians who were loyal to them and the fans/readers of the magazine to help. So, if you donated to this Save Paste fund, you instantly gained access to a rare music library that artists donated songs to, or songs from the Paste vault. Hundreds of songs, free. Well, free with a donation. Mine was for five dollars...I felt bad, but give what you can, right?

After I raided this music vault of goodies, I became a fan of Paste on facebook, and of course started getting all the status updates. I love it. How could I not have known about this amazing magazine before? For the past month or so I have been completely anamored, sharing with my friends (including slumblog creator, Sarah J. http://slumblogsojo.blogspot.com/)
Well today, they have declared in honor of one of my favorite bands, Wilco. Their upcoming CD is entitled Wilco (The Band) so naturally, today is called Wilco (The Takeover). They have music streams, stories from the road, previous articles, pictures, review of the new album, and "Five of Our Favorite Non-Sensical Wilco Lyrics".

They are also huge Arrested Development fans.

Check it out my friends. Love Paste, Save Paste.



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