Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Izzy Did It!

He did it! Eddie Izzard finished his insanely cool 1,100 mile run across Britain yesterday, stumbling into a waiting horde of photographers wheezing, "I...feel...exhausted."

It took him several weeks, but he ran at least 27 miles a day, taking him from London to Liverpool, Northern Ireland, Scotland and down back around to London. He celebrated completing 43 marathons in 52 days by predicting today that he would run for parliament in Westminster or Brussels within the next 15 years. Go for it Eddie- I would believe he could do anything now. Remember how chubs he looked at the beginning of this?
He was running for a charity called Sports Relief, and he had a BBC film crew following him in a rickshaw the whole time! He also had Tagging along were also his manager, a sports therapist and an ice cream truck following him periodically playing Chariots of Fire. Oh yes. Boy does it, and he does it funny.

Amazing thing is, he only trained for five weeks before attempting this. Crazy sexy cool, that's what that is. He claims it was mind over matter:
"My analogy was world war two. They all did amazing things that they were not planning to do. They became commandos and they shot anti-aircraft batteries, and if you imagine in your head you are going to do this extreme thing then you do it."
Photos courtesy of Perez and UK Guardian.

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