Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marc Pre- Game.

There will be a few Pens posts today, because they switched up their video system (oh the perks of being Stanely Cup Champions) and it took me until today to figure out how to embed them, so I have a couple ready to go.

This is our dear Marc-Andre, before their first pre-season game against Colombus. SO adorable. And, a reporter around 35 seconds asks the question that Kelsey, Molly and I were debating just the other day.
As you know, Marc has a teensy confidence issue sometimes. Not terrible, but he gets nervous. This is why Max is so important (and sexy)- he makes Marc relax. So adorable. But question: Now that he has won the Cup, will he be more confident, or more nervous that he's going to mess it all up?

Pens vs. Toronto tomorrow night at 7:30.

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