Thursday, September 17, 2009

Malkin and Jordan Go to the White House.

So flipping funny. Check out the first few seconds where Geno (Malkin) and Jordan are waving at the camera, so goofy. Then of course, Brooks Orpik, aka Free Candy looks so FREAKED. But that's just his normal face. Then Bill Guerin and Sergei Gonchar look so excited. I love them, they are so adorable.

Geno is taking pictures and texting the whole time, and you can see him and Jordan laughing in the background...and then he's texting, hears his name and pops up, like "Yes! I am here. Malkin is present." So funny. Barack has no idea what's going on. Dan Bylsma is cringing on the inside.

Best part is Barack Obama totally just roasting Sidney. Like BOOM, Roasted. Well that's Barack O-Baller for you.

The first video is the footage of the event, and the last one is an interview with Sid and Bill Guerin (love Billy Guerin) afterwards. 

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