Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Night TV.

Tonight is the night. The night we've all been waiting for. Television comes alive...Thursday nights on NBC.

I am such an NBC groupie it's insane. But seriously, check out this line up and tell me you don't have chills:

8:00 PM- Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday

8:30 PM- Parks And Recreation
9:00 PM- The Office
9:30 PM- Community
10:01 PM- The Jay Leno Show

So excited. I don't care so much about Jay Leno, but whatever, it's still cool. Le sigh. More Jim and Pam...does life get any better? Also Bones premieres tonight, but I have so much work to do I'm barely sure if I can watch The Office. 
Also today would be the perfect day to post my Joel McHale interview, but sadly, Italian comes before such things. It will come. I will be insanely busy putting together that article for Tuesday's Observer. So I will probably just post that article here for all to enjoy. He is FUNNY, trust. Just as sarcastic as you would hope for. I tried so hard not to sound like an idiot. Watch Community though, it really does look hilarious. It is directed by the Russo brothers, who also did Arrested Development.

Bon nuit!


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