Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Your mother gave it to me..."

With the NBA draft beginning tonight, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally decided to announce what everyone knew was coming anyways: Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James are now teammates. I, personally, am torn about this merger of two basketball greats. Both want and are capable of being the center of attention.

Can two personalities like that ever really get along?

And, how long will Shaq be able to hold on- he's like 37 or something? I say, long enough to tell Kobe to suck it and when another championship with this years MVP, James.

The best thing about this for people from Cleveland is that hopefully almost fifty years of professional team choking ends. For the rest of us, we can look forward to some badass dance moves from both Shaq and LeBron... but mainly Shaq because he is as much as an entertainer as a basketball player. Like, really, who doesn’t remember Kazaam? Actually, I don’t despite the fact that I saw it. But, I like to think that’s a good thing after watching this.


PS- watch both videos. the second is straight from the suns website.


I would like to point out that the little kid in Kazaam was Eli "Weevil" Navarro on the late, great Veronica Mars.

And some of us loved Kazaam. And remember it every day of our lives. Ahem, but as a person from Cleveland, I say...bring the dramz. It can only make Lebron step up his game. King James has a challenge to his crown, now that's entertainment. -CE

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