Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twi-Hard Try Too Hard

Robert Pattinson. Yes, I went through it too. I'll admit that right up front so that Theo won't strangle me. After watching this video, it's become my new biggest fear. Are people really like this? Obviously. It took me back to Lord of the Flies- when they're whipped up into such a frenzy that they kill Piggy. Or was it Simon? Both maybe. Anyways.

Can these women not restrain themselves? Literally throwing themselves on a stranger and declaring their unadulterated love for them. The only women whose right's they're progressing are cave women. Instead of waiting for a cave guy to come along, conk them over the head and drag them into a cave somewhere, they're making the first strike. Right on.

Chill crazies. YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON. They aren't throwing themselves upon him because he's pretty. There are plenty of pretty guys out there- you just whistle and move on.

Fame. That is the reason why these girls are making our sex look like a bunch of mindless 'Teen Beat' reading whores. They are literally selling themselves for fame. I'm not even sure they want him to like them- I think they probably just want to be in a picture with someone famous. If it somehow got onto Perez Hilton? Life's mission accomplished. Did you see the one girl who does the whole myspace pose? He kind of goes along with it for a second, but probably only because her acrylics are pinching his jugular.

Do they really expect him to fall into their arms in joy? Oh, thank you, one look at your sobbing face and I am in love! It's a girl like you I've been waiting to wash my hair for!



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