Monday, June 15, 2009

gatorade commercial

is anyone as obsessed with this as i am! only gatorade and nike commercials have the power to make me want to work out. jesus, i actually downloaded the chant to my iphone- will i listen to it? probably, never. but, i like the fact that i can say that it's there.

french toast. please tell me the randomness of that line just cracks you up. because, it gets me every time.

and, trade rumors of shaqistotle going to cleveland. i'm a cincy girl, but i can't even deny the greatness of the lebron james/shq combo.

anyone out there trying to get into sports - sounds weird, but you know who you are. check out the sports soup. comedy and just enough sports to hold a conversation.



  1. I don't see any hockey in those commercials. WTF.

    also- i am all for shaqistotle coming to cleveland. "king james" could use a little dressing down. and sage advice, which i'm sure shaqistotle could offer.


  2. love the gatorade commercial. i agree,makes me want to work out AND dance.